Sunday, 8 January 2012

How to Increase Virtual Memory in Windows XP

Memory low? Is your computer lagging behind? It might be because you're running low on real memory. When this happens your computer often commandeers a portion of the hard drive to use as "virtual memory." If you find yourself running out of Virtual Memory, or keep getting messages telling you that you are, you might want to increase this to a more acceptable level using your computer's control settings

1. Click on Start and right-click on My Computer.

  2. Choose Properties.

3. Click on the Advanced tab. Under Performance, click on the Settings button.

4. Under Virtual Memory, click on the Change button.

5. Here is where you decide the amount of Virtual Memory that you need to increase. Try playing around with a few hundred megabytes above the assigned amount.

6. An alternative way to fix your low memory problem is to eliminate non-essential programs, documents and files from your computer's hard drive. This will allow you to free up space that can be used by your computer as memory.

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